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「智有腦」Brain Training Game

Our company has professional experience in assisting the Association for the Elderly in building a brain game training system. As early as 2007, we have launched the world’s first website and “大腦健身室” game to promote the brain health of the Chinese elderly. On this basis, 25 brand new brain games have been developed again, which are better than ever in terms of function, fun or graphics.

Client: The Hong Kong Society for the Aged

Donor: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

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Case Management System

  • 「智有腦」has a case management function, allowing players to create a personal brain training report and learn the progress of self-management brain training; it is also suitable for elderly service organizations to arrange training for service users

Therapist Monitoring Management System

  • Occupational therapists can assign games of different levels and ability areas to users they belong to by date and time through the system
  • The therapist collects and analyzes these data through the user's performance and achievements, effectively monitors and manages the player's cognitive status, and formulates a more appropriate personal brain training plan

Ability Assessment System

  • has five game characters, representing five cognitive abilities: memory, hand-eye coordination, concentration, mental arithmetic and judgment. Players need to take the "Personal Ability Assessment Test" first. After the system evaluates the strength of their five cognitive abilities, it recommends suitable roles for the player to play, allowing players to strengthen and train their weaker abilities through the selected designated games.

Cross System Platform

  • “智有腦” develops different platform systems, including Apple iOS system, Android system and web version, so that different users can play brain games at any time with mobile phones or computers with different systems


  • The new game can feel the local feelings of Hong Kong in terms of character modeling, gameplay and graphic design. For the elderly who need to train their cognitive abilities, familiar local places and objects can help them refresh their memories

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