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e123 長青網

「e123長青網」is a one-stop life information website that gathers the needs of the elderly and their families. It brings together a number of government departments, elderly service agencies and private companies to create an online interactive platform that integrates community, life and elderly service information.

Client: The Hong Kong Society for the Aged

Donor: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

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Member Relationship Management System (CRM System)

  • Loyalty Program: Set up a point reward program to encourage the active participation of the elderly and elderly service agencies
  • Member Relationship Management: member registration system, online activity record analysis, email/short message SMS/push automatic reminder
  • Activity Management: Special free courses to teach the use of 長青網 and other social networking sites, guide the elderly to learn to use online social networks, and expand social and life circles

「長青小幫手」Intelligent Reply Robot (AI Chabot)

  • To answer questions about residential care home services and applications for users
  • 24/7 Seamless Service

「長青講場」Virtual Forum

  • The website has set up a Virtual Forum, allowing users to browse and share different activities information, and to make like-minded friends
  • The most comprehensive database of information, activities, services, and products for the elderly in Hong Kong, which is convenient for the elderly to search online information

長青直播 Live Streaming

  • There are different live video content, including lectures, teaching, online programs, etc. The live broadcast screen also has an interactive chat room, so that the elderly can attend classes and learn at home

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