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Coolthink@JC Online Course System

The “Coolthink@JC” project aims to inspire students’ digital creativity in daily life, so a series of “computational thinking” parent-child workshops are launched. The functions of this booking system include new user registration, workshop registration, viewing and consulting workshop information, and will also display the outstanding works of students for encouragement.

Client: City University of Hong Kong

Planning and Donation: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

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7 x 24 Instant Registration System

  • Coolthink@JC supports commonly used computers and tablet web browsers. In addition, users can also download mobile apps from Google Play Store and Apple iOS Store to register and enter the course system

Waiting List

  • When the workshop registration quota reaches the upper limit, the waiting function will be automatically activated, and the user and background administrator will be notified at the same time to help follow up later

Scan to Attend

  • Users can use the QR code check-in function in the mobile app to submit attendance records

Personalized category search function

  • The content of the workshop can be classified by time or custom category, which can reduce the search time and facilitate users to quickly search

Instant View Analysis Report

  • All membership and workshop registration status will be saved in the background. Managers can export reports after logging in to the backend.

Create Rewards Program

  • The system can formulate different reward plans according to the member's workshop attendance rate, so as to promote user utilization and increase loyalty

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