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e72傲齡動力」information website not only provides a recruitment platform for recruiters, but also provides job hunting opportunities and job training information websites for middle-aged and elderly people who want to rejoin the society. It also innovatively provides skills film and television areas, volunteer services, and member areas, successful cases, etc. A variety of rich activities and sharing from people of the same age can make retirement life more meaningful and exciting while helping them to maintain their jobs.

Client: The Hong Kong Society for the Aged

Donor: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

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7 X 24 Social Enterprise Job Recruitment System

  • This system provides a one-stop recruitment service, implements 24-hour automation, and provides job seekers and recruiters with a smooth, simple and personalized personal and company account management system

Simple Recruitment System

  • In the recruiter account management system, the job vacancy management interface is clear and easy to operate. You can add, edit and manage job vacancies without complicated procedures. When the job vacancy is published and the application is received, you can receive an email notification and the resume information of the job seeker to improve recruitment efficiency

One-click Job Search Function

  • The job seeker account management system features a digitized personal resume and supports resume videos. After a job seeker applies for a job with one click, the system will automatically send a personal resume to the recruiter's email address immediately, and the job seeker can also check the personal job application record at any time. The system provides flexible job vacancy management, with simple steps to set up the latest notifications for different job vacancy categories

Member Verification System

  • The flexible verification function of this system provides instant verification services on mobile phones and emails, which is safe and convenient at the same time

Optimize Job Vacancy Search

  • This system optimizes the job vacancy search engine, which can provide comprehensive and fast screening functions and real-time job comparison functions to help job seekers find the most suitable job

My Skills - Video Sharing Platform

  • This platform has a special message and like function, providing a platform for members to exchange opinions, and can also like the videos they like. The total number of likes is displayed in real time. The system will also count and display the number of video views

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