Digital Solutions

1. SRPM (Stakeholder Relationship Performance Management)

i2’s SRPM (Stakeholder Relationship Performance Management) is a more comprehensive intelligent eCRM system that provides performance monitoring for organizations and projects, as well as member relationship management for NGOs of all sizes, which can simplify your management processes. You can track the participation of target members and the progress of projects, measure the effectiveness of plans, and identify areas that need improvement. One of the features of SRPM is its ability to generate customizable reports, which allows NGOs to share their performance and progress with stakeholders and donors. SRPM is composed of the following modules:

  • Member and volunteer relationship management system.
  • Case management and tracking system, online donation management system.
  • Generate different reports and automatically connect with different systems (integrate to Social Welfare Departments)

2. Open AI (ChatGPT) content assistant

Use ChatGPT to provide intelligent content for NGOs, no need to spend time creating website content, just enter the title and the content will be automatically generated

  • Use the ChatGPT content assistant module to experience efficient content generation, allowing you to easily and automatically generate content to enrich the content of your website or APP.
  • Ensuring that content is optimized for readers and search engines helps businesses drive more traffic and increase their online presence, improving search engine (Google) rankings.
  • Provide multi-language support, easily create content in different countries to cater for different ethnic groups.

3. Enquiry Chatbot/Tutoring Service System (AI Chatbot)

Enquiry Chatbot
Our AI Chatbot is a system that helps NGOs provide 24-hour instant enquiry services. Tailor-made enquiry content allows your organization to provide more humanized and automated inquiry or appointment services for the public!

Smart Counselor
Our project and development team develop a Counselling Chatbot for many fields. In addition to providing 24-hour support for counselors, it can also greatly improve the motivation of those in need to seek help and counsel them. Gradually accept telephone counseling and face-to-face counseling services.

Customer Service
This system supports real-person intervention. The counselor can monitor multiple intelligent artificial conversations at the same time, and can also intervene in the conversation at any time to make the counseling service more in-depth and detailed. The cloud system can also digitize the conversation to facilitate different reports and research.

iChange Case

4. (At home) Study / Online Workshop System

Our Learning/Workshop (Oline Hub)system can meet the needs of NGOs in providing online and physical courses, including:

  • The real-time registration system can accept online registration, fee payment and subsequent quota functions;
  • The online courses management system supports pictures, text, quizzes, questionnaires, and group discussion areas, providing a platform to create and deliver content to students while monitoring student participation and performance and evaluating student performance.
  • In addition to supporting online courses, real-time video can support mobile phone sign-in functions in physical courses.
  • The cloud system can store and support the progress of different courses or students’ performance reports in real-time.
Coolthink@JC Learning Management System

5. NGO Volunteer / Tutor Recruitment System

This system provides online 24-hour recruitment function for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Hong Kong. It also provides digital personal resumes, and supports resume videos, which can cater for people with different needs (such as people with disabilities).

  • Support automated online interview process and online entry assessment test.
  • The job-seeking user has a one-click application function, which can automatically send the resume to the recruiting company with one click, which is fast and convenient.
  • It supports functions such as volunteer recruitment, displaying regional vacancies, and a real-time job comparison function to help job seekers find the most suitable job.
e72 Elderly Recruitment Site & Apps